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Sep 3, 2010 8:30pm EDT
madethe world situation ereffor us less say. saddamsein was despicable heually controlthe try. there was no al-there when he was in power use it would have been aeato. therefore, bot the counterbal he provided to he contrver orismellsin his own y w probably in a cold ctational security way beneficial to us, not the other waound. he did not have weapons of mass destruction and since we ha good insion and he did not ha that obably for us it was not a situation for it as terribl r the irpeop but there were softening up econollyd await all this concern crediblesia herte. >> the clinton administrn was attacked releny over this. thousands of irawere dyi beca of the embargo especially iraqi children, tens ofusands. if you want to make a tally of their losses, you have to remember what the situation was at time. secondly as this criterion of iraq ever attacking as, iraq did not attackan adult for eith would you hav said that war was a mistake? >> >> that is not aterion you decide you go to war. you decide it will be in your interest. the preside making thpeech never have mad
Sep 11, 2010 6:00pm EDT
the democratic congress and president is making to return us to prosperity. >> democratic chairman tim kaine. two questions that should make you feel queasy, regardless of your affiliation. do you feel that the children's generation will be better than ours? 66%. do you think america is in a state of decline? 65% believe the country is in a state of decline. how do you combat that? >> it is tough to do. america, historically, internationally, has been the home office of national optimism. this has been the most optimistic place on the place of -- face of the earth. if you are optimistic about the future, you can breed confidence. if you are optimistic about the gi bill, water, air pollution acts -- but when the ball lack optimism, there is a sense of hunkering down. i cannot be concerned about other people. it makes me more self obsessed. it has a political ripple effect that is of enormous, and i do not think it has been totally calculated. >> the president says we will put money into infrastructure. john boehner said we want to cut taxes and spending. how does that communicate to the american p
Sep 24, 2010 8:30pm EDT
of chicago. ♪ >> this week brought back memories of the day newt gingrich gave us his contract for america. today, he is occupied with dreams of being president of less than six weeks to go before the midterm election, house republicans revealed a new pledge to america which proposes to extend the bush tax cuts and shutting down the health care law. it involves pulling back on stimulus money and reducing the size of the federal government. what is new on this? >> nothing, it is a portable document which means it is dishonest. they say they will reduce deficits by cutting taxes. it just won't happen. most voters know it is dishonest and it is a document they don't believe in. >> i watched this unveiling as i watched the democrats and it just seems like noise at this point, meaningless noise. in this case it was orchestrated in order to have no ties and everyone sitting around trying to be something there were not and that is exactly what it looked like them up. as far as the november elections, this will not be a positive. it gets them off the party of being no and put something out there.
Sep 17, 2010 8:30pm EDT
to add up the new consumer financial protection bureau. ♪ >> back to joining us, i am markscherer in for gordon peterson. christine o'donnell had a victory over mike castle in the united states senate domination in delaware. she won with the backing of sarah palin and south carolina senator and rush limbaugh and sean hannity. how do you feel three days later? >> bill buckley had a roll, always support the most right- wing candidate who was elected i think the republicans broke that rule. it could cost republicans control of the senate. >> it looks like we have this anger we have been talking about. this looks like a temper tantrum that ran amok. there has been some tea party candidates who have been nominated and sent a message, made a statement, and can win and compete in the fall. in this case, she was going to have to run against the democratic party in delaware but much of the republican party as well. >> in addition to the book will, there was the ronald reagan 11th commandment, about shalt not speak ill of another republican in public. this was not only colored by what karl
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)